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Asians and Asian-Americans

Do cultural challenges hinder your peace, balance, and wellness?

Individuals in the Asian community often find it difficult to seek counseling services due to cultural stigma. These pressures can be overwhelming, and range from family and generational differences to bi-cultural marginalization. Because of this, rates of depression and anxiety are extremely high among Asians and Asian-Americans. Such distress can impair mood, hinder school and work achievement, lead to social isolation, and cause a sense of shame or “loss of face.”

We rarely hesitate to—or feel ashamed of—seeking help for physical suffering, such as a broken leg or fever. Why should obtaining support for the mind be any different?

Achieve wholeness.

At Wellness Ways, a Doctor of Psychology works with you to reestablish balance of mind and body. This harmony can be achieved through discovering possible causes of disharmony, exploring how imbalance affects both you and those around you, and implementing adaptive methods that can enhance balance in life. The licensed psychologist integrates your input and cultural values into your wellness plan, employing holistic techniques as appropriate or preferred.

Come as you are.

Wellness Ways provides you with a private environment to evaluate and overcome life challenges with guidance and acceptance. Services come complete with personalized attention from a licensed psychologist, a private seating area that can accommodate the attendance of others, and external white noise machines for confidentiality.


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